The exhibition “An Attempt of Understanding. War”
7 October 2011 —  7 November 2011
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At the exhibition "An attempt of understanding. War", which will be in Erarta from 7 October to 7 November, the artists Viktor Vasiliev (St. Petersburg) and Ilgvars Zalāns (Riga) will speculate what is a war for man living in the 21 century, and what is new, that art can say today about the war

For the artist Vasilyev war is a territory of special status, line at the border of life and death, which revealed the true nature of man. Vasiliev studies the history of wars basing on the documents, soldiers' letters, and front-line photos. And in his paintings he comes from the details, rusty bayonets, soldiers' chips, cartridges and shell fragments. The artist painted the First and Second World Wars and many other battles of the 20th century, but all the soldiers in his paintings resemble each other. Creativity for Vasilev is a way to explore the world through the picturesque reflection of its specific material objects.

For the artist Zalāns war is the battle which takes place not only within the theater of operations. The war is not where the thundering explosions, and where it hurts the word, where aggression is cared and they cannot forgive. Zalāns explores the world while traveling. In his paintings there are images of forty countries that he visited. But everywhere in our shaky world, he met a war, a war against love, faith and hope. Therefore, in his paintings of the war there are women and flowers, wounded souls and bleeding injury. Creativity for Zalāns is to create beautiful images of abstract ideas generated in the process of finding the answers to questions about war and peace.

The exhibition of these two artists is designed to make us think about what war means for each of us.

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