Yuri Abramochkin. “History in moments. Our days”
3 September 2016 — 23 October 2016
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The exhibition offers the audience a unique opportunity to look into the faces of those who made the postwar history


The press photographer Yuri Abramochkin began his creative path during the so called “thaw” times. His first published photographs were taken at The World Festival of Youth and Students in 1957. This landmark event, besides the after-born children and mass enthusiasm, gave the country such a top gun of photo journalism as Yuri Abramochkin. Inspired by the first success, the young FED camera owner began his professional work in the news agency that replaced the foremost and trend-setting Soviet Information Bureau. Belonging to the guild opened up tremendous opportunities. Traveling around the country and working with the Kremlin jet set, Yuri Abramochkin showed things that today can be found only in history books: The World Festival of Youth and Students, the first Soviet astronaut with his family, the work and leisure of virgin-land pioneers, the birth of Soviet music and the pop-icons of the 70s.

The show includes a portrait gallery of Soviet and world political leaders as well as great examples of found photography so innovative for that time. Non-protocol private pictures of celebrities go alongside with the ones of fishers or village workers. In 2015, Yuri Abramochkin celebrated 55 years of being in the profession. The exhibition covers both outrageous “perestroika” period and the time of free market development in Russia.

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