The Opposide. Exhibition of works by David Plaksin
8 November 2013 — 16 December 2013
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By putting together words “opposite” and “side” in the exhibition’s name, the artist implies existence of a different perception of surrounding environment which is depicted in his works


David Plaksin is a master of graphics and book design from Saint Petersburg. His involvement with painting has always existed parallel to his other occupations. His quest for establishment of his artistic identity was stimulated by discovering of works by Salvador Dali and meeting Natan Altman. In mid 70s his artistic manner had formed and gained that recognisable aspect of mystic tension.

Graphic quality of Plaksin’s imaginative vision affects his painterly works. “Whatever I did, I always felt graphic dominance over it. Consequently, it was enough for me to use minimalistic means to express my surrealistic ideas”, — says David. Thick black paint, one of the main devices of expression for graphic works, monopolises Plaksin’s recent works. This blackness has become a leitmotif of the exhibition and a metaphor for the reverse side of things.

Apart from the “black” paintings, exposition will include artworks from his series “Photoshop vs Classics” executed in post-modern style and art-objects reminiscent of early Claes Oldenburg, examples of opt-art experiments and many more.

David Plaksin is interested in various topics and media. The artist freely shifts from object to painting and further to computer graphics. He does it with ease, humour and rationality.

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