Heroes and Illusions. The exhibition is part of Multivision Festival
26 October 2017 —  4 December 2017
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Erarta Museum is proud to present the animation and video art exhibition "Heroes and Illusions" held under the Multivision festival

  • Animation as a form of visual art
  • 23 video pieces from around the world
  • Exploration the way in which subjectivity and the will of an individual function in the realm of non-narrative animation

Multivision Festival continues to examine animation as a form of visual art. “The Best Video Installation” nomination has been part of the Festival competition for seven years now. This category features the animations that are far more reminiscent of a painting, sculpture or scenery set in motion rather than a film. Every year the competition receives the increasing number of interesting works, which makes it more and more challenging to choose the best ones. The finalists — 23 video pieces from around the world — as well as several out of competition artworks, are presented at the exhibition in the Erarta Museum.

Having chosen “Heroes and illusion” as its subject, the exhibition explores the way in which subjectivity and the will of an individual, the plot engine in a movie, function in the realm of non-narrative animation. After all, it seems to lie much closer to the visual arts such as painting and sculpture rather than to the cinematic traditions. These works rely on the kaleidoscopes of colours and shapes, which, nonetheless, don’t necessarily imply the absences of the heroes.


In the program:

Internal Heroes (Andrey Sikorskiy/ Russia/2017)

WireLess (Szandra Pataki/ Hungary/2016/6’40)

Nœvus (Samuel Yal/ France/2016/7’57)

Too Tame! (Rebecca Bloecher/ Germany/2017/6’41)

Mark Lotterman — Happy (Alice Saey/Netherlands/2017/6’35)

Virtual actors in Chinese opera (Tobias Gremmler/ Hong Kong, Taiwan/ 2016/ 3’25)

Battle of San Romano (Georges Schwizgebel/ Switzerland/2017/2’25)

The Laughing Spider (Keiichi Tanaami/Japan/2016/ 7’24) 

Re-Organization (Osi Wald, Ricardo Werdesheim/Israel/2017/11’)

The  Plume (Huang Ying/China/2017/9’09)

Aenigma (Aris Fatouros/Antonis Ntoussias/Greece/2016/10’06)

Kaleidoscope (Murat Sayginer/Turkey/2017/3’23)

Ten to the minus forty three second (Clément Courcier/ France/ 2016/13’57)

Оrogenesis (Boris Labbé/ Spain/ 2016/7’51)

Divisional Articulations (Max Hattler/Hong Kong/ 2017/4’33)

Five: Scherzo (Max Hattler/Team Five/ Hong Kong/2017/17’43)

Hummingbird Minuet (Yu-Jhen Lin/Taiwan/2017/2’06)

L’illusion de Joseph (реж. Pasquale D'Amico/Italy/2017/2’12)

GastaLoops (Nicola Gastaldi/ UK/ 2016/4’14)

Eх Terrat (Reinhold Bidner/ France/2016/5’45)

Chase  (Páraic Mc Gloughlin/ Poland/2017/ 3’15)

Nutag-Homeland (Alisi Telengut/ Canada/2016/6’0)

Retro Future (Mirai Mizue/Japan/2015/6’55) 

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