“Hats in the 21st Century”. Solo exhibition by Philip Treacy
6 February 2015 — 12 April 2015
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Erarta presented a solo exhibition by the world's only hat expert haute couture. “Hats in the 21st century” will become the largest exhibition by the famous designer over the last 25 years


“A hat is not just a means of protection from wind or rain, but an accessory, which completes your image, making it even more beautiful, and revealing your personality”.

Philip Treacy

A flower, a swan, a bird cage, a head of a horse, a carousel, a plate, a lobster, a butterfly, a ship, a spiral, a horn, a telephone, wood, a wrist and even... an ashtray with a cigarette! The designer constantly experiments with palettes and shapes, using for his works feathers, artificial and natural flowers, various plants, plastic, metal, fur, textile, electrical devices and so on.

The master’s imagination is absolutely limitless, and this will be proved at the exhibition, arranged specifically for the Russian connoisseurs of haute couture. More than one hundred unique items, including 75 hats belonging to monarchs and celebrities, as well as accessories, sketches, fashion magazine covers, and other art objects. All that the world is admiring today! 

“On each hat I spend as much time as it requires to become extraordinary", — says Philip Treacy.

His clients are world royals, including the ruling dynasty of the UK; Hollywood celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker; pop stars, including Madonna; successful businessmen and the world's leading fashion houses, such as Chanel, Givenchy, and Umbro.

“People coming to my studio, often ask: ‘But where are the sewing machines?’, and I always answer: ‘Here are my hands, that’s everything I need’”. 

This brilliant Irishman was the first accessories designer to present his collection of hats at the Paris Fashion Week. His works are in high demand at Buckingham Palace. Thus, the designer made a hat for Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, and she wore it for her wedding with Charles, The Prince of Wales. And for the guests of Catherine Middleton and Prince William’s wedding Philip Treacy created 36 exquisite hats! One of the most talked about hat was the accessory of Princess Beatrice of York. Later the hat was auctioned for more than eighty thousand pounds! The money was donated to the children's fund Unicef.

“In the morning I feel dressed only after putting on my finger thimble”.

A Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Philip Treacy is a five-time winner of the British Association of designers and many other high awards. Today his works are not only exquisite items of clothing, but also valuable museum objects! Treacy’s hat exhibitions are hosted by the world most famous galleries. The first exhibition of his masterpieces was held by the famous Metropolitan Museum in New York.

He constantly collaborates with such leading fashion houses as Armani, Ralph Lauren and Givenchy, and never forgets his favorite beauties: Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga and irresistible Grace Jones.

“I love when hats make your heart beat faster and make you feel like a million dollars”.

In early February, the solo exhibition by Philip Treacy will open at Erarta. It is noteworthy that the maestro decided to curate it personally. This means that every visitor will be able to experience there the feeling of presence at a royal reception!

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