“Private life”. Group exhibition
16 April 2014 — 11 May 2014
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The exhibition presents paintings, drawings, installations and video art by artists from St.-Petersburg, Moscow and Arkhangelsk


The subject of private life has never been significant in Russian art. It was often associated with pettiness of goal-setting and philistine lifestyle. Privacy was neglected and even attacked by the Soviet regime.  “Better to tear off the canaries' heads — so communism won't be struck down by canaries” — wrote Mayakovsky without a hint of humor. So this exhibition is just about the canaries in a broad sense, it is about family life, love, children, parents, memories, bookshelves, sofas, chairs, house works, window views and much more.

The exposition explores the private life sphere by mostly figurative works that reveal the poetry of everyday life from totally unexpected points of view. The exhibition will feature works by such artists as A. Dashevsky, E. Golant, N. Sazhin, Y.Sopina, A. Zaslavsky, A. Zagoskin, A. Semichov, K. Sutyagin, A. Kabin, A. Kosenkov, A. Ovchinnikov, P. Shvetsov, S. Rossin, V. Yashke, N. Anfalova and others.

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