The exhibition “Where Is Heaven on Earth explores the phenomenon of social and creative reflection in the figurative painting by the “new smart” generation and also refers to the traditions of hyper-realism in the works by the older masters. The cross-cutting problematics of the project is understanding the distance between the idea of heaven on earth and the reality.

The exhibition turns out to be both an attempt to inventory the “contemporary realism” in all its manifestations, and a response to the increased interest in figurative art, craft, objectivism, and painting as the main means of transmitting the values and trends of the time.

Unlike the recent high-profile museum projects dedicated to realism of the XXI century and surprisingly enchanted by the fact of the actual conservation of professional traditions, this exhibition focuses not on the craft demonstration, but on the comprehension of current Russian reality with its social, environmental and anthropological aspects. The exhibition features such artists as Ilya Gaponov, Alexander Dashevsky, Anastasia Zaborovskaya, Pavel Otdelnov, Elena and Igor Kulik, Vadim Leukhin, Tatiana Podmarkova, Sergei Belov, Tatiana Struchkova, Pavel Tyryshkin and many others.


To acquire the art works, please contact the gallery.

About exhibition
27.02.2016 — 03.05.2016
10:00-22:00 (closed on Tuesdays)
admission ticket
for Annual pass holders

Erarta Restaurant is proud to announce the new gastronomic set inspired by the “Undressed” exhibition.
4 July, 18:21
Erarta Stage, Cinema Halls, Coffee Rooms, and the exhibition hall “Center de gravité. The Force of Gravity” will be closed
25 April, 11:08
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