30 May 2014 — 14 July 2014
  • Слайдер для Tesserae

On May 30 Erarta was opened an exhibition "Tesserae" by St.-Petersburg "KGB" group


St.-Petersburg "KGB" art group works in a labour-intensive technique of stone mosaic, which was widely practiced in ancient Rome. By using this traditional technique ascending to antiquity the artists are questioning the problems of memory, both personal and cultural. Tesserae is a stone mosaic piece that forms the image. It is identified with the smallest element of information storage and data transmission that models the image. A series of mosaic images is a timeless artifact that takes the viewer back to the lost beauty of childhood and adolescence. The works remind Art Nouveau decorative panels, fashion photography and expressionistic paintings. But mainly they recall children's and parents' memories, firmly cemented to our minds, just like the tiles to mosaic canvases.

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