“Vasilisa in Wonderland”. Solo exhibition by Alexander Grekov
28 January 2016 — 21 March 2016
  • Слайдер для “Vasilisa in Wonderland”. Solo exhibition by Alexander Grekov

Solo exhibition by Alexander Grekov will run at Erarta museum from 28 January to 4 April


“Vasilisa in Wonderland”, the solo exhibition by Alexander Grekov, is an absolutely “uncontemporary” phenomenon, in spite of all the recent debates on the role of painting in modern culture. Several series of different time periods present the viewer a “traditional” artist, not alien to social and psychological reflection in the spirit of critical realism with the elements of romantic pathos.

However, the works by Alexander Grekov are primarily interesting as an art of a living author. His urban landscapes do not feature any habitual aestheticization of melancholy, while it is obvious that he looks back with a sentimental nostalgia, feeling the connection both with the previous and current generations. This is the topic of his industrial landscapes, ruined Soviet barracks and children’s playgrounds lost in the uniform five-story buildings.

Apart from the general elegiac background, some works carry the classical didactic pathos: the artist raises such simple but important questions as bringing up children in the today's world.

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