Alessandro Mandruzzato. My Life and Glass
29 April 2012 —  4 July 2012
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Solo exhibition of the Murano glass master is organized in the course of the year of Italian Language and Culture in Russia


Alessandro Mandruzatto is a third generation master of working with Murano glass. His personal exhibitions were held throughout the world: US, Italy and United Arab Emirates. He was a partner and a participant of the exhibition dedicated to Maria Callas and opera "Diva" in Palazzo Maria Callas Sirmione del Garda. In 2008 he opened his own gallery Lido Venice in the city Ezolo (Italy). Lotus Enterprises UK, Norwich UK, Armani Casa and many others are among the famous clients of Alessandro. He collaborates with the interior designers all around the world, participates in the decor of the private homes, yachts, and public places. Some of his works can be seen in numerous galleries and private collections all over the world.

Alessandro Mandruzatto is an active participant of the social and cultural life of Russia. In 2010 Alessandro visited the children of the Village SOS Pushkin, Russia and told them about Venice and Murano, about making sculptures, and planning the designs. Children were impressed and fascinated by the stories about Italy; they were asked by the Master to draw the pictures dedicated to the subject of "Love". Alessandro was inspired by the children’s drawings and has brought to life a child's idea of the true meaning of Love: three glass masterpieces will be included in the display during the exhibition in Erarta museum of contemporary art from 29th April to 5th July, 2011.

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