“On the edge of Europe. Chapters of Yekaterinburg Art History”. Exhibition
10 June 2015 —  8 August 2015
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On June 10, Erarta opened an exhibition of the brightest contemporary artworks from Yekaterinburg over the last 30 years


The project “On the edge of Europe” features works by the brightest representatives of the Ural art school: the ones who are already included into the history of Russian art of XX century and the ones who have brought their talents to light recenly in XXI century.

The exhibition presents expressionistic and vibrant works by Misha Brusilovsky (“Lion Hunt", “Horsewoman”, etc.), a former Soviet nonconformist and a current member of Russian Academy of Arts. Graphic art is featured by Vitaly Volovich's ascetic and spiritual etchings (triptych “Fear and Misery of the Third Reich” based on a play by B. Brecht; a series of illustrations for “Oresteia” by Aeschylus). Art objects and biblical compositions are introduced by Herman Metelev.

These authors are iconic heroes of the Ural art scene of the late ХХ century. In their honor a Yekaterinburg muralist Andrey Antonov created a sculptural group “Citizens”.

Visual imagery of the exhibition is created by Alexandr Alekseev-Svinkin's colorful characters (“new Russians” in crimson jackets, drinking champagne on Red Square), Anatoly Kalashnikov's ancient “Bacchanalias” and masterful graphic works by Andrey Antonov.

The expressionistic exposition is complemented with decorative metaphors by Veniamin Stepanov, Sergey Laushkin and Victor Reutov. The abstract line is built up by Vasily and Lyubov Antsiferovs and Sergei Bryukhanov. Vladimir Nasedkin represents minimalistic and Vladimir Kravtsev — graphic arts.

Igor Vishnya, an artist and a historian, whoso sphere of interests lies into the times of Ivan the Terrible, claims his own sacred alphabet, and presents a series of works with the elements of Suprematism and Russian medieval miniatures. The exhibition features works by 20 authors and is intended as an introduction to contemporary art of the Urals. The extended continuation of the project is planned for 2016.

The exhibition is organized by the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, Yekaterinburg Gallery of Contemporary Art and Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art. The project is implemented within the long-term program “Russia in Erarta”.

Curators: Vladimir Nazansky, Zoya Tayurova, Elena Shipitsyna.

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