“Touching the wind”
9 September 2016 —  9 October 2016
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Solo exhibition by Denis Oktyabr


Denis Oktyabr, the artist who lives and works in Altai for a great while, in his arts keeps away from social debates, industrial imagery, topical problems of modern society and controversial points of contemporary art concepts. Being physically and mentally isolated of the major developing centers of art life, the artist stays devoted to academic painting. Nevertheless Oktyabr systematically develops and works on his own style and unique system of artistic language, however, avoids breaking the frame of realistic conception of representation.

The artist apparently feels as standing apart from any speculative art movement; he prefers meditative view and systematic, demanding intensive work on his own artistic system to revolutionism and intensity of emotions. Such views are also determined by amazing calm nature of the artist’s homeland. That’s why one can mark out landscapes as the central line in his oeuvre.

The exhibition “Touching the wind” at Erarta Gallery features works from Oktyabr’s recent landscape series. The show tends to expose fully enough the main characteristics of the author’s painting style as well as his special manner of work: he does not chase after the fleeting effects but gradually works on the same formal subject tending to detect the finest details of shades and plastic combinations to reflect the state of nature or rather the specific moment of its perception in the most precise way. Behind the generalizing, soft and a bit blurry manner there hides a philosophic urge to come closer to the absolute, the universal law of nature existence. In addition having realized that the final goal is unachievable the artist is eager to walk along the way of infinite contemplation and diligent work where each discovery spreads light on a new path of his searches.

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