Exhibition project “Interspace”
12 September 2014 — 12 October 2014
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The "Interspace" project brings together several authors of modern Russian and British art scene and presents their reflections on the "perception in context" topic


The interrelation of internal and external, both in connection with the identity of the author and common understanding of building bridges between local and cosmopolitical space is a main theme of the project. Awareness of isolation and limited space in which each artist exist awakens a desire to break through the limits, and for the transition which allows attaining an outside point of view. On the other hand the study of the context from the outside, always leads to distortion and fouling.

Remembering Plato's Allegory of the Cave project reveals the symbolic space and enhances border that means the transition from internal to external.

Some authors are still studying the outside world by its shadows on the wall of the cave, others are already sit on the sidelines, realizing the impossibility of the transferring back again.

"The Interspace" offers to delve into the number of aesthetic and sociological thoughts. Together with the artists you'll try to find an answer for the question: Is there a room for ipseity in today's culmination point of development of the global world?

Participants: Claire Wardman, Gemma Copp, Sax Impey, Masha Godovannaya, Alexander Podobed, Julia Ivashkina, Alexandra Paperno, Denis Patrakeev, Nadezhda Anfalova and others.

Elizaveta Shagina,

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