Natalia Rosenbaum. Invitation to Travel (painting)
18 February 2011 —  8 March 2011
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Natalia Rosenbaum is known as the author of sensual and elegant paintings — portraits, nudes, still lifes and landscapes

Natalia does not hide her attraction to classical and modern art. Moreover, sometimes she directly refers to the classics, quotes and rethinks their works in her paintings. Goya and Velazquez, Rembrandt and Pieter de Hoch, Renoir and Matisse — these names invariably come to mind when you look at the works of the artist. At the same time, Rosenbaum is the artist-experimentalist, seeking a point of intersection of visual art with other forms of art. She is the initiator and participant in many interdisciplinary projects carried out in collaboration with writers, musicians and composers.

Natalia Rosenbaum said that by the time when she came to painting, she had "acquired a higher science education, and realized herself completely, as a Researcher ..." Art for her is not a craft or profession, but the way of understanding the world and herself. Therefore, she periodically tries something new in her works. So, recently she created a series of prints based on her own paintings, "expelling" them through the filters of graphics program.

On the exhibition "Invitation to Travel" along with the old familiar to the audience works you can see new pictures created in expressive-primitivist manner, which are full of energy and motion. The appearance of these works is connected with the enthusiasm of Natalia in psychology and esoteric. The artist is interested in the viewer, the way painting can serve as a guide for people in the inner, spiritual reality.

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