Secret Club of Desperate Gardeners. Solo Exhibition by Suren Ayvazyan
20 January 2017 — 16 February 2017
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Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art is proud to present the solo exhibition by Suren Ayvazyan, one of the most popular contemporary Russian artists.

  • A gorgeous bouquet from the talented painter

  • Flowers of all kinds, shapes and colors in Erarta "garden"

  • A weighty appeal to think over the ecological state of the planet


The Secret Club of Desperate Gardeners is an ironic and utopian project by a Moscow artist Suren Ayvazyan that was started back in 1989. In his works the artist refuses any signs of post-industrial reality, creating an absolutely idyllic world, inhabited by green plants and exotic flowers. As if floating in sterile space the plants grow to a cosmic size of their own ideal universe, which keeps memories neither of environmental problems nor of the impending catastrophes.

The artist transforms the white cube of the exhibition hall into a fairytale spaceship, where the rescued plants create a new biosphere. The show becomes the artistic embodiment of Tsiolkovsky’s space gardens, which were a part of his utopia of exploring new planets and worlds.

"I like plants. I like how they absorb solar energy and convert it into new small universes and galaxies. The gold leaves used in my new collection convey this energy quite well", — says the artist.

The Secret Club of Desperate Gardeners brings together artists, designers, collectors and art lovers, who are passionate about greening the world. Suren Ayvazyan acts as the main missioner and “greensman”, who at the very beginning of his artistic career left urban civilization and moved to the Altai Mountains to be a forester. Three years later, he returned to Moscow with a firm intention to plant trees everywhere, including such symbols of technocracy as concrete fences, abandoned industrial buildings, walls, and ceilings... In the situation of ecological imbalance, where harsh anthropogenic environment continues mercilessly to push out the fragile world of nature, the works by Suren Ayvazyan claim that nature still exists and has a potential of a new life.

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