Aleksandr Zagoskin "Signifiers of Time"
3 September 2010 —  4 October 2010
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The personal exhibition of the Saint-Petersburg artist Aleksandr Zagoskin displays works devoted to the concept of time in its various aspects, namely the philosophic, historic, and physical ones


Aleksandr Zagoskin was born in 1954 in the town of Vozhgaly, Vyatka region. In 1973 he graduated from the Kirov School of Art, the Easel Painting Department. In 1981 he graduated from VGIK (The State University of Filmmaking) with a degree in production design. Zagoskin is member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Filmmakers. He participated in over 150 exhibitions both in Russia and abroad and was awarded the honorary title of "Master" in the nomination "Painting" at the international art festival "Master Class".

Everyone of us has once thought about time, about its lack, its rush, about age, about a favourite historical epoch, about the past and the future. Lots of interesting books and movies consider various time paradoxes. In his paintings displayed at the exhibition “Signifiers of Time”, Aleksandr Zagoskin tried to convey his thoughts and feelings about this broad issue in the language of painting.

The title of the exhibition "Signifiers of Time" reminds of the words by Walter Benjamin regarding the play of visualization and signification: «Those who have once started to unfold the fantail of memory will never run out of its new fragments. No image satisfies them because they know they can unfold it into more fragments and it is in their folds that the truth is to be found...».


In the 1980s Zagoskin worked as a production designer and animator in "Lennautchfilm" film studio. His work experience includes over 20 animated and popular science films.

Since 1985 Zagoskin is a production designer of "Lenfilm" film studio. Among his works there are such movies as "Admiral" (directed by A. Kravchuk), "Stolypin" (directed by J. Kuzin) and others. He was awarded the grand prize of the international cinema festival in Moscow for the movie "I'm Ivan, You're Abraham" (directed by I. Zoberman, "ASHETpremier", France-Belarussia), as well as "The Golden Eagle" prize in the nomination "The Best Production Designer" for the movie "Poor, poor Pavel" (directed by V. Melnikov).

Zagoskin has also painted lots of fiction and child literature illustrations.

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