The Edge. Krasnodar Contemporary Art
5 July 2013 —  8 September 2013
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The large-scale exhibition of Krasnodar contemporary art “The Edge” is a continuation of the project “Russian in Erarta”


The exhibition breaks the stereotypes about Krasnodar. According to these stereotypes, all pupils study the history of Kuban in school, Cossacks determine moral principles of people who sell cherries and offer cheap accommodations by the sea, and art is just a Kuban Cossack Choir. The exhibition shows a very different picture of Kuban where Krasnodar Krai is modern and dynamic. Contemporary art is popular there. It is not a closed system of regional values and hierarchies. The artists are intelligent, active, creative and young there. They are noticeably more interested in art than the average artist in our country. There are professional artists that are famous far beyond their region. The exhibition includes works of twenty artists from Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk and the Krasnodar Society in Saint Petersburg. There you can meet famous artists such as Vladimir Migachev, Galina Hailu, Alexei Parshkov, Andrey Rudiev, Vladimir Grig, the artistic group “Hmeli-Suneli” and the others. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, objects, video art and conceptual photography. The artists refer to urban, environmental, existential and social problems. The most popular style is neo-expressionism.

The separate part of the exhibition is “The Earth. The Edge”, the exhibition by Vladimir Migachev. He painted a series of landscapes on paper from 2003 to 2011. Soil as a substance absorbs all positive and negative memory of history of people who inhabited the Earth. People as its inhabitants are the main sources of images and the starting point of philosophy for the artist. Moreover, soil is often used as an art material that Vladimir Migachev adds to paint to create vivid and especially dramatic textures with torn edges. But unlike the brutal paintings of the artist, which are represented in the central part of the exhibition, there is no high emotional existential tension in the series of paintings on paper. But on the contrary, it illustrates quiet and peaceful humility in front of life that is not involved observation, like the vision of the Creator.

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