Enamoured. Exhibition by Gosha Lyakhovetsky
19 September 2013 — 30 September 2013
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Gosha Lyakhovetsky is a young Moscow artist whose relatively short career included participation in many international exhibitions and excited feedbacks from the masters of the field. His personal show "Enamoured" at Erarta consists of painting and animation


It is hard to distinguish between reasons and consequences in Gosha’s art. In his naive gouache paintings and absolutely authentic animation the ingeniousness transforms into powerful emotional weapon. This fact explains why both static and animated works by Gosha is so much loved and appreciated by artists, cinematographers animators, among which are Yuri Norstein, Aleksey Uchitel, Tonino Guerra and others.

Exhibition "Enamoured" gives an opportunity to see both sides of Gosha’s talent by means of juxtaposing his static and animated works in one space. Visitors are offered to travel through the imaginative worlds created by the artists in his works and try to figure out what is the main similarity between his animation and drawings.

"Enamoured" exhibition is presented in collaboration with "Message to Man" film festival.

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