• A manifesto and game changer in times when all revelations are past
  • Metamorphoses of analogue photography in a world of digital landscapes
  • Geometry as an aesthetic experience

This debut exhibition of works by the practising architect and artist Stepan Zhuravlev heralds a new art form, archigraphy. Zhuravlev's art can be genetically traced back to architectural fantasies and visionary architecture – the areas where the creator enjoys absolute freedom in exploring space. A committed innovator, the artist experiments with analogue photography and digital environments, offering new perspectives of reality and shaping imaginary worlds. In the process Zhuravlev demonstrates incredible resourcefulness in choosing material for each architectural concept, producing a powerful effect and thereby ensuring active involvement of the viewers.

Archigraphy is first and foremost a modernist and forward looking project, but, just like any fiction, it was inspired by reality manifested through the worldview of a contemporary urbanite.

About exhibition
16.06.2018 — 30.07.2018
10:00–22:00 (closed on Tuesdays)
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for Erarta Members

The exhibition will be closed to visitors from 10:00 to 22:00
18 September, 15:11
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5 September, 14:35
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