Oleg Lang. Passing on the keys
17 October 2013 — 21 November 2013
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Oleg Lang’s exhibition “Passing on the Keys” is opening on the 17th of October as a part of “Russia in Erarta” project. Exposition includes over 20 large-scale paintings some of which will be added to the Museum’s permanent collection after the end of exhibition


Exhibition takes its name after one of the works but it also implies the process of passing on the keys to meaning, concept and interpretation from the artist to his audience. This process is aimed at overcoming communication issues and understanding the artist’s unique language and his message to the world.

Oleg Lang is an extravagant introvert, impulsive philosopher who has been creating his own version of Russia, his own parallel reality which is inhibited by “time dwellers” and includes all archeological layers of collective memory.

Lang does not like publicity and keeps away from the so-called contemporary art scene. Nevertheless, his works are included in permanent collections of The State Russian Museum, Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art and, and, shortly, of Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.

While advancing old avant-garde traditions, Oleg Lang simultaneously developed his own idiosyncratic manner which fuses experimental style with abstract and figurative elements. Painting is complemented by collage and mattress cover is used instead of a canvas. Using unconventional materials, such as sack cloth, creates original compositional, colouristic and tactile effects and corresponds with the artist’s earthly origin. Despite the reservation of Lang’s pictorial language his paintings are not about metaphysical matters, they are about real life. His compositions are remarkable for their overwhelming freedom, witty interplay of patters, colouristic intensity and independent spatial line. His plastic metaphors are unexpected like original rhythms. Healthy creative fun is matched by a tragic aspect often found in his imagery. Inventiveness and whimsicality of Lang’s pictorial solutions are extraordinary and can blow over even experienced viewer.

Lang’s painting creates unique pictorial space, a kind of force field, which keeps everyone who entered within its limits. The only thing is to find the right key.

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