2 September 2011 — 10 October 2011
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"Stability" is conceived as an exhibition of works by young artists from the generation that is accepted to blame for the fact that they do not crave heroes and change. Fifteen authors were able to share their feelings of being in contemporary Russia


"Stability" is conceived as an exhibition of young artists from the generation that is decided to blame for the political apathy and infantilism. Fifteen participants of the project have tried to refute this view and shared their feelings of being in contemporary Russia. The authors, among them Alexei Chizhov, Denis Patrakeev, creative association "KGB" and Do plu do, presented their works in various kinds of art: from paintings to street art.

Young artists were given a theme: the cornerstone concept of "stability” for debate today. It is interpreted as the achievement of the country and as a sign of stagnation. The artists, for the most part, to the possibility of protest statements preferred a reflection of the phenomenon of “stability”. Creative association "KGB" using traditional Roman techniques, brought together a large-scale mosaic, and the leader of the artistic group "Creative forging" Konstantin Benkovich created a powerful sculpture "Cocoon" of a steel strip. This work can effectively enter into the interior, and can be made to speak in a vacuum of the gallery hall.

Other artists working at the abstract forms prefer slogans in English. Denis Patrakeev, debunking stereotypes about the Russian, painted on a huge canvas a group of young people who demonstrate a complete unwillingness to have anything to do with vodka and bears. But the picture does not give us an answer to the question, what the modern Russian bears a relation to. Hyperactive project participants Do plu do decided to try themselves at the very provocative and trendy to this day Street Art. They chose for their slogans not movable spans of bridges and billboards, but the provincial Swedish fences and patios of Brussels. And what, in fact, is their project "To say it” screaming? The fact is that they have really nothing to say: Art about Art about Art.

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