“Prolonging the Summer”. Solo Exhibition by Marina Fedorova
16 September 2015 — 15 November 2015
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From September 16 Erarta presented an exhibition “Prolonging the Summer” by Marina Fedorova


The sea is a very attractive phenomenon. Every time I’m next to it, I realize that even the most genius painter is only an amateur compared to Creator. This work is changing every second and never repeats. I'm not trying to depict the sea: the heroes of my works are people who can’t help looking at sea surface and waves. 

Marina Fedorova

Marina Fedorova’s solo exhibition at Erarta presents paintings and objects created over the past few years. The idea of this series came to the artist while working on plein-air arranged by the international fund “Cultural Heritage” in Montenegro, where the first works were created. Together with the traditional oil paintings on canvas, the exhibition features glass works and sculptures.

Fedorova’s style ideally conveys cheerful and light summer mood of no troubles and worries. Airy strokes outline the artist’s favorite subjects: children, beautiful women, and parenthetical glances of the summer pleasure moments. As always, Marina Fedorova is looking for beauty in everyday life, extracting emotionally intense moments from the daily routine. “I wanted to portray not the unbridled joy of vacation at sea, but rather quiet contemplation and meditative understanding of that it will stay forever”, — says the author.

The young artist Marina Fedorova has an impressive exhibition experience. For the last ten years she has participated in exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Riga, Paris, Genoa, Mantua, Malaga, Helsinki, Madrid, and such international fairs as Art Stage Singapore, Art-Moscow, Art-Paris, Art-Monaco, Art-Bologna, Art-Vilnius, Art-Kyiv and Art-Helsinki. Her works are presented in the collections of the State Russian Museum, the House of Arts in Marbella (Spain), and in private collections of Laurent Bouton, Pierre Brochet, Ilya Lagutenko, Artemy Troitsky and Mikhail Tsarev.

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