“Contemporary Russian Art” (Lipetsk). Under the project “Russia in Erarta”
17 April 2015 — 17 May 2015
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On April 17, Erarta museum opens the exhibition “Contemporary Russian Art” in Lipetsk Regional Art Museum under the project “Russia in Erarta”.

Collaboration of Erarta and Lipetsk Museum began seven years ago, when our curators visited the city for the first time to explore the local artistic life. The experience turned out to be very interesting and productive. Today the collection of Erarta museum includes such Lipetsk artists as Sergey Bugrovsky, Yury Tatyanin, and Olga Bueva.

This year Erarta brings to Lipetsk an exhibition of more than 60 works from its repository and permanent exposition. The exhibition features such St. Petersburg artists as Valery Lukka, Felix Volosenkov, Elena Figurina, Anatoly Zaslavsky, and Nikolay Sazhin, as well as the heroes of Leningrad underground: Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Vladlen Gavrilchik, and Anatoly Basin. Among the young artists it’s worth mentioning Vitaly Pushnitsky with his “mechanisms of time”, Ilya Gaponov from “Nepokorennye” art group and Alexandr Dashevsky. Another Russian regions are presented by Vladimir Migachev from Krasnodar, Maxim Kayetkin from Perm, Vladimir Fateev from Novosibirsk, and Yury Tatianin from Lipetsk.

The exhibition is divided into several sections: “Identification”, “Expressionism”, “New Seriousness”, and “Total Painting”. Such division is not absolute, but rather representative. Not all the artists fit into the proposed structure since their works represent self-contained visual facts.

Simultaneously with the exhibition in Lipetsk, we will begin working on the exhibition “Land and Freedom. Artists of The Central Black Earth Region”, which will be held at Erarta museum in St. Petersburg in 2016. 

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