frequently asked questions
  • What kind of art can be seen at Erarta?
    Erarta dedicates itself exclusively to contemporary art (by defi nition, that which has been created between 1945 and present time), which does not include famous masters such as Malevich, Kandinsky, or the genre of Russian Constructivism of the 1920s which all fall into the modern art era (1860–1945). Our aim is to show the world that Russia is still home to extremely talented and authentic artists whose work deserves to be admired by the widest possible audience. With the passing of time, contemporary works of art become “classic” — for example, like those created by Warhol, and we believe that many works from our collection, created in their majority by living Russian artists, will also become ingrained in the fabric of the history of art. This is because they all have deep meaning and their creators have something worthy to tell the viewers and their impulse will find resonance with both today’s public and future generations. As far as art forms go, painting, collage, sculpture, object, installation, video art and science art are represented in the collection that is on display in the Museum (left) Wing, while temporary shows in the Exhibitions (right) Wing also often showcase other forms.
  • How do you form your collection?
    Each work in the museum collection must meet three criteria simultaneously — firstly, we must truly love it; secondly, we must truly believe it’s an outstanding piece of art — the kind of work that is on the level of those that go on to be recognized among the best pieces of their era. And thirdly, we must clearly be able to explain to our viewers why we believe the first two viewpoints apply. Erarta’s museum collection currently contains 2800 contemporary works of art by more than 300 artists from all over Russia. The geographical reach is another important aspect of our philosophy — unlike most other institutions we don’t only focus on Moscow and St. Petersburg but also discover and exhibit artists from all over the country. Our museum’s main exhibition project, entitled “Russia in Erarta”, showcases contemporary art of talented artists from Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Perm, Rostov-on-Don and many other regions of the country.
  • Is photography allowed?
    It’s more than allowed — it’s encouraged! Please turn off your flash and snap away. And if you upload photos to social networks, please use #erarta — it makes you eligible for our social media contests and we also publish a weekly round up of all our favourite visitors’ photos in our groups.
  • I don’t understand Russian. Will I struggle at Erarta?
    Absolutely not.  All our staff speaks English and we put in a huge amount of e ort to make sure our foreign guests enjoy their experience. All our content is translated into English, including signs, texts accompanying works, videos, menus etc. Also, we’re one of the few institutions in St. Petersburg who don’t charge foreign visitors a higher admission fee. We want Erarta to feel like home away from home for you so dispel all fears and come on down!
  • How can I help the project?
    Thank you for your interest, that’s very kind of you! Any purchase made at Erarta supports our nonprofit project so any money you spend in the building goes towards a good cause. You may also choose to become a member with various tiers of contribution available (please ask our reception staff ) or email if you have a proposal of your own.