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Catalog «Petr Gorban. Painting about human»

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25 x 23 x 2 cm
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Erarta museum of contemporary art is proud to present the album devoted to paintings by Pyotr S. Gorban (1923-1995). Erarta museum collection features almost entire heritage of the Stavropol master. Over 70 colored illustrations of works created from the early 1960-s to 1990-s give one a chance to get acquainted with the imaginative world of the artist who created his unique style. Every image is complemented by an essay involving the reader into reflection and analysis.Pyotr Gorban is outstanding neither as a representative of the official or non-official art, nor as an innovator or an artist who dealt with current social issues of his time. In a certain moment he for good broke up with the social realism, however his attitude to the official art didn«t become aggressive of ironical, typical for many non-official artists.Gorban managed to express his simple and at the same time profound existential philosophy in his art. Life of any man is much more precious than any ideology, any values of any epoch — this concept is fundamental for this philosophy. Gorban was a man of the people; as a result he can express the people»s attitude to the epochal events of the 20th century. The artist«s approach to the history is realistic and judicious; still it aspires to be profound and supertemporal. Gorban stands out among the artists of his time for his ability to combine reality and philosophy, to express individuality and the peoples» opinion. It makes him both unique and outstanding.