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Erarta’s programme for Geek Picnic

25 July 2013

On the 3rd and 4th of August, the Elagin island of St. Petersburg will host the third annual “Geek Picnic” — the largest European open-air festival dedicated to contemporary technologies, sciences and arts, the latter of which will be represented by Erarta this year.

For those two days, St. Petersburg will be a bubbling hub of modern science, high-tech, arts and design with workshops from leading Russian and foreign experts, interactive laboratories and installations, showcasing latest developments and contemporary trends. There will be five thematic areas — technology, science, art, “expo” and picnic that will all contribute in various ways to making the event a truly memorable one.


Contemporary art always echoes elements of not just everyday life but also, latest advancements in science and technology. The arts zone of the Geek Picnic is dedicated to that theme. There will be paintings from computer processors, electronic chips and mobile phones, workshops on decorating the interior, lectures from renowned experts on art mechanical installations dedicated to robots in art, an exhibition of pixel art dedicated to important social trends and “HelloTube”, an installation dedicated to the theme of communication in today’s world. Also, a special exhibition from Erarta Museum of contemporary art which will combine works from the permanent collection (which will be showcased in the main tents and available to browse during the festival working hours) with a workshop ran by Erarta’s head exhibition projects curator, Pavel Markaitis, who will tell the public more about various art forms with a focus on public art and other important  contemporary trends. 

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