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Erarta New York celebrates Sochi Olympic excitement with Russian art contest

26 January 2014

Erarta Gallery in New York presents an exhibition of selected works by Russia's contemporary artists in the spirit of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

The artists, participating in the "Olympic Selection", are Aleksandr Korolev, Andrey Chezhin, Vladimir Aksenov, Anatoly Basin and Aleksandr Podobed. Each work has emotional, artistic and painterly reflection of the Olympic atmosphere.

The slogan for the Sochi Olympics is tailored to emphasize their international spirit. "HOT. COOL. ERARTA ART. YOURS" expresses the alluring perspective of modern Russian artistic culture in the moment of international exposure promoted by the Sochi Olympic Games.

The visitors will be invited to become both spectators and judges, and to award the Bronze, Silver and Gold "medals" to Erarta's Olympic paintings, ranking them similarly to the Games.

The confluence of visual arts and Sochi Olympic momentum aims to invigorate and inspire New York with a fresh perspective of Russian contemporary culture.

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