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Magic of Vinyl

27 February 2014

Erarta celebrated the national holyday of February 23 with a great gig of American DJs Shortkut & Babu, which became a present both for male and female audiences.

Warming-up was done by the local musicians such as True Flavas, Soul K and Klukva & Surfa. They preset a great rhythm and mood, even though everybody was looking forward to hearing the heroes from sunny California.

DJ Shortkut and DJ Babu are called the pioneers of turntabolism on the U.S. West Coast. It's a particular genre, a kind of djing and a part of hip-hop culture. With every set these Americans prove that turntable is a full value musical instrument and that the DJ skills is not just moving around turntables, but it is about creating the whole canvas of musical rhythmic patterns and complex sounds.

During the concert one could not only swing on the audio waves but also closely watch the turntables and the DJs' hands. As video cameras, mantled around the hall, were broadcasting the vinyl magic on huge big screen.

DJ Shortkut and DJ Babu lit up the stage with their energy, smiles and easy communication. After the show they were taking pictures with the audience, signing autographs and were even given a pile of USSR LPs.

text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov