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We have started selection of applications for the ▲CROSS ART festival

08 April 2014

▲CROSS ART is a festival dedicated to the synthesis of arts. Featuring artworks will be characterised by amalgamation of various, sometimes incompatible and contradictory, genres, techniques and formats. The festival will include art objects, installations and performances. In other words, certain pieces will be defined by time frame and others by spatial boundaries.

If your artwork cannot be conventionally classified and is bursting with creative vitality then ▲CROSS ART festival is waiting for you!

Such approach is becoming increasingly relevant in contemporary context because the pure art has already tried and exhausted all possible creative methods and directions. Contemporary artists and their audience need to get rid of existing mental limitations and artistic stereotypes. This is the time when new technologies provide basis for emergence of alternative ways of mixing media and manipulation with artistic approaches.

Now is the heyday for appearance of the so-called Unknown Fine-art Objects (UFO), for its initial research and for making way for the new era in art history.

The festival will take place between the two large-scale events of the City Day and the Museum Night in the end of May, namely from 19to 25 of May 2014.

Five floors of the gallery wing in the Museum building will be used for exposition of the selected objects and projects of the festival.

Big and small concert halls will accommodate workshops and performances.

The Museum cafe will host a variety of discussions, conferences, and lectures dedicated to the phenomena of cross-art.

The event's executives are convinced that the festival will be equally interesting to art-insiders and the general audience because of its inherent relevance, actuality, uniqueness and visual and emotional impressiveness.

Festival's concept includes exhibition of works by both prominent and little-known artists.

Currently the festival's committee accepts applications from artists who wish to showcase their works. If you got inspired by the festival's description and feel like you have an artwork satisfying the requirements of the ▲CROSS ART conception please download an application from our website, fill it in and send it to

Each selected artist will be contacted in person for further discussion.

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