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Erarta Café Menu Specials

13 August 2014

We are glad to present you our new summer menu that was carefully created for you by our Chef Artem Grebenshchikov, and includes only the freshest and the juiciest ingredients.

Some ingredients, as the Baku tomatoes, have unusual taste and original flavor that will dominate almost in any dish. We recommend you to try them in our green cilantro salad, basil pasta or even in carpaccio. The menu specials also includes girolle mushrooms that are not only salutary, but also incredibly tasty. Artem saved their healthy qualities and emphasized gentle taste in the combination with potatoes and sour cream. Particular attention is paid to fruit and berries, which are so desired in winter time. Erarta Café serves them in various interpretations, from salads to desserts.

Enjoy the last summer month together with Erarta Café!

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