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Erarta’s Birthday

30 September 2014

Today our great and beloved Erarta is turning 4 years old!

Over this time, so much wonderful and informative, educational and entertaining, bright and philosophical have been created. Thank you for being with us and for sharing our believe that everyone can be an artist, since it is you, who help us to create the real art!

There is still so much to do: successful projects, grandiose ideas and important achievements; and, as we always do, we will keep inspiring our guests and will search for new friends among those who love and appreciate contemporary art.

Next year Erarta will open a new wing, which will include a large concert hall, several exhibition floors, auto-art spaces and contemporary fashion expositions.

Erarta will continue to delight and amaze you with a flow of ideas, programs and new projects.

Happy birthday, Erarta!

Erarta. Museum and galleries of contemporary art