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International Festival of Synthesis of Arts ▲CROSS ART 2015 is now accepting applications for participation

20 April 2015

International Festival of Synthesis of Arts ▲CROSS ART is Erarta's original project. In 2015 it will be held from September 30 to October 5 at several museum venues, including Erarta Stage.

The organizers of ▲CROSS ART 2015 conduct a competitive selection of participants from Russia and abroad, whose works correspond to the basic idea of the project — presentation of artworks, based on mixture of different, related and sometimes inconsistent techniques, practices and formats.

Along with the well-known artists, actors and musicians involved in synthesis of arts, the festival is open for the young and unknown creative groups and authors, thus contributing to their further promotion on the art scene.

Each project should feature mixture of two or more art forms. The more incredible combination is, the more likely it will be chosen for the festival programme. On the one hand the work can be limited by time, on the other — by space. The festival programme includes exhibitions, installations, concerts and performances.

The organizers provide technical, logistical and information support to the selected projects.

Competitive selection of the projects, submitted by the expert council, is held in the form of closed discussion by representatives of art market, cultural institutions, and mass media.

Application deadline: 20 April — 01 June 2015.

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