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▲CROSS ART Festival unveils the headliners and extends application deadline for participation

29 May 2015

International Festival of Synthesis of Arts ▲CROSS ART will take place at Erarta Museum from 30 September to 5 October. Artists, musicians and creative groups from Russia and Europe will present their performances, installations, concerts and other projects featuring unexpected combinations of different art practices and formats.

CROSS ART is open to young and unknown artists. The competitive selection of the projects from Russia and abroad will last till 15 June. You can leave your application here.

In 2015, the festival will host:

  • German pianist Hauschka
  • composer Alexei Aigui and the pioneer of Russian electronic music Arkady Marto (a joint project)
  • experimental project ZweiRaumPiraten with optical-acoustic interactive installation
  • innovative theater Karbido — the stars of Polish avant-garde scene
  • Nonotak — duet of illustrator Noemi Shipfer and architect and musician Takami Nakamoto (audiovisual installations)
  • Studio of new audio-visual interactive instruments Playtronica (Moscow) and musician Lewis Cook (Glasgow), known as Henri Claudel / Mother Ganga
  • LIQUID Theatre, working in “site-specific” genre
  • Train Of Thoughts with their musical performances and video expansions into the industrial contexts from Vienna to Moscow
  • Live performance by Binkbeats with electronic and  traditional instruments
  • composer Alexandr Manotskov with audio installation
  • composer Boris Filanovsky and sound artist Arno Fabre (experimental sound performance)
  • Finnish project Amusement Park by Animation Crank Handle art group (interactive installation)
  • AKHE THEATRE with a specially prepared projectCROSS ART
  • Belgian project Perhaps All The Dragons with multimedia performance and audience involvement into the plot development 
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