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25 June 2015

From July 30 to July 9, 2015 XVII International St. Petersburg Dance Festival OPEN LOOK will traditionally gather the most prominent world representatives of contemporary dance at the Erarta Stage and other city venues.

July 7, Tuesday, The BlackSKYwhite Theater will present their avant-garde drama performance M means Magritte. The Blackskywhite Theatre is one of the most spectacular theatres in the world and the only Russian theater, awarded by the world's biggest Edinburgh Festival Fringe First.

July 8, Wednesday, “Hoffmania” performance by “Do-theatre”. The play features two facets of romanticism: fascinating and meditative Tarkovsky’s films and nervous and sarcastic novels by Hoffmann.

Festival headliners: Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT2), the famous choreographic duo of Paul Lightfoot and Sol León “Sad Case”, Cacti choreographed by Alexander Ekman, and Johan Inger’s “I Knew Then”.

The festival program consists of works by young choreographers from Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, Argentina, Canada and Japan. The program features two new productions choreographed by Joeri Alexander Dubbe (the Netherlands, Korzo Production) – trio Kitsune and solo Infant, as well as the world premiere of the duo State of Dependence by choreographer Graham Adey (Sweden, UK). International festival guests are the companies from Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Finland, South Korea and the Netherlands. In addition to the premiere works at the festival opening night, Open Look presents a series of world premieres within the main program.

The program will be finished with the presentation of works-in-progress done as a part of Open Look P.S. and Russian Look laboratories by Russian and foreign choreographers.

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