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Performance by The Extended Day Group, directed by Anton Adasinskiy

30 September 2015

The Extended Day Group theatre, directed by Anton Adasinskiy, will present their performance under The Art Lovers' Night on October 2.

We are happy to announce that Erarta celebration programme continues to grow with new and interesting artists. The Extended Day Group, directed by Anton Adasinskiy, will perform in front of the museum building on October 2 at 19:00.

“I’m not planning to create a second DEREVO. Every epoch has its own aesthetics, rhythms, and fantasies. Certainly, DEREVO performances keep going on, and The Extended Day Group participates in them, learning from such experience ... And I'm learning too from their young breath, and I feel that a new and strong collective is being born. I don’t want the guys jump over the steps, I want them to climb smoothly, without missing any single detail of DEREVO. And this is why they have to improvise freely in all spaces no matter the weather, just like DEREVO does.

Such evenings are extremely interesting and, of course, unique ...”

Anton Adasinskiy


Regina Atsapkina

Denis Tarantsev

Alexey Popov

Stepan Lyubimov

Ivan Volkov

Duration: 35-40 minutes.


See you there! Stay with us!

  • Performance by The Extended Day Group in front of Erarta Museum in April, 2015

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