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Erarta Restaurant proudly presents the new dessert dedicated to the exhibition by the invisible artist

16 February 2018

The special offer from the head-chef coincides with the opening of the “Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man” project at Erarta Museum


Erarta Restaurant is proud to present a dessert, inspired by new international exhibition at Erarta Museum, “Liu Bolin. The Invisible Man”. The new item will appear on the menu on the day of the exhibition opening, on February 17, 2018.

Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist famous for the ability to mix different genres and techniques. Similarly, the dessert devoted to his work combines a number of different textures and shades of taste. It mixes the caramel with airy sponge cake and coconut mousse with vanilla ice cream.

Liu Bolin has gained fame in the world of contemporary art thanks to his “camouflage” photo series, where the artist was blending himself into backgrounds. Restaurant's head chef also couldn't resist the temptation to play hide-and-seek with the audience, and so, he masked the dessert served on the white plate with a delicate layer of white chocolate.

The dish based on the “Liu Bolin. The Invisible Man” exhibition will be served in the Erarta Restaurant from February 17 — May 20.

Vitaly Kolikov