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Erarta Museum During the Winter Holidays

04 December 2018

Opening hours, new exhibitions and great life hacks

Dear friends, 

With the holiday season approaching, Erarta Museum is excitedly looking forward to welcoming you during the public holidays. Remember: festive treats will sooner or later run out, but art will remain!


Erarta Museum Opening Hours During the Winter Holidays

On 31 December the museum will be open until 18:00, after which we, like everyone else, will rush home to prepare the traditional holiday dinner. 

On 1 January Erarta will open at 14:00 (we hope you are impressed by this heroic effort) and close at 22:00 (please note, however, that there will be no guided tours of the museum on that day). From 2 to 14 January the museum will operate as usual, from 10:00 to 22:00, giving you plenty of time to explore all of our temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection. Erarta will even be open on Tuesday (normally the museum’s day off), 8 January.


How to Skip the Lines

Weekends and holidays are traditionally a busy time for museums. If you prefer not to spend your time waiting in queues, it might be a good idea to plan your Erarta visit beforehand by purchasing a One Day Fast Track Ticket online. The ticket is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase, which means you can skip the line on your way to Erarta on any day of your choice. 

Once at the museum, don’t forget that you can always pay a little extra to upgrade your One Day Ticket to Membership. This option is only valid on the day of your visit while you are still at the museum. Tickets can be upgraded at reception counters 9 and 10.

For only RUB 1000 (cheaper than two One Day Tickets), Erarta’s 1 year Membership entitles you to 12 months of unlimited admission to the museum and all of our new exhibitions (more than 40 each year), as well as a 10% discount  at the café, restaurant and all stores. 


What’s On at Erarta During the Holidays

First-time visitors to Erarta are highly encouraged to start their visit by touring our permanent collection display to get an insightful glimpse into the rich and varied contemporary Russian art scene. It might be a good idea to book a guided tour:  our experienced and knowledgeable guides can make your visit even more interesting. 

When planning your day at Erarta, make sure to factor in a couple of our new exhibitions. A definite must-see is the bold and striking WOW-Fashion! World of WearableArtTM showcasing the extraordinary garments shortlisted in the global WOW designer competition. 

Fashionistas are also bound to enjoy the exhibition by the renowned French photographer Jean-Marie Périer who worked with the key celebrities and fashion houses of the 20th century. Don’t miss the chance to see this show during its last two weeks:  it ends on 13 January. 

Other interesting exhibitions feature dreamlike sculptures by Andrey Ostashov, sun-drenched paintings by the Russian artist Andrey Lantsev, geometric compositions and computer graphics by Vladimir Antoshchenkov, snowflake portraits by Sergey Kichigin, paintings and music by Theodor Bastard (aka Alexander Starostin, front man of the eponymous band Theodor Bastard), highly original paintings by Mikhail Zvyagin, as long as the ironic photo collage dedication to modernism by Andrey Chezhin

See our What’s On section to learn more about all exhibitions at Erarta Museum.


Opening Hours and Holiday Fun at the Café and Erarta Restaurant

On 31 December Erarta Restaurant will stay open until 18:00. On 1 January the Restaurant will be closed, but starting from 2 January it will be welcoming guests according to its regular opening hours — from 12:00 to 23:00. Winter holidays are the perfect time to savour all the additions to the seasonal menu, for example, the Winter Apple dessert (apple and cinnamon ganache, white chocolate flan, yuzu sauce). 

The café on floor 3 will close at 18:00 on 31 December. On 1 January you are welcome to visit it from 14:00 to 22:00.

Starting from 2 January, the café will be open from 11:00 to 22:00. When visiting the café, don’t forget to treat yourself to our famous desserts. By the way, you can now share your favourite sweet treats with your friends: our signature éclairs and desserts are also available in stylish branded gift boxes to take away and bring to a party.


Erarta Museum Stores During the Holidays

The Erarta Home Stores will welcome you from 10:00 to 18:00 on 31 December and from 14:00 to 22:00 on 1 January. From 2 to 14 January the Stores will work as usual, from 10:00 to 22:00. 

Visit our online store any time during the holidays to place your order, but keep in mind that the store’s workshop team will go on a holiday break from 29 December to 14 January. 


See you at Erarta!