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Erarta Restaurant presents a dessert inspired by the exhibition Style Ducati

30 January 2019

Keep an eye out for this new addition to our menu from 15 February

Erarta Restaurant's pastry chefs are ready to dazzle you with their new creation timed to coincide with the launch of the Style Ducati exhibition, opening at Erarta Museum on 15 February. The dessert marries raspberry mousse and brownie layered with hazelnut praline, raspberry chocolate truffle, and berry and paprika jelly candy.

The presentation of this treat conforms to the highest standard of Ducati's impeccable style: brand identity colours, seductive curves, extreme attention to detail, the 'tyre tread track' made of chocolate and the 'icing on the cake' — the brand's logo.

This dessert will become the perfect complement to your exhibition visit, affording an unusual perspective on the history of Ducati and Italian design in general. 

A true delight for only RUB 450.