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Erarta Museum Announces the First Voting Round Results of the 2023 Erarta Prize

11 April 2023

On 10 April, a special gala event was held to announce the interim results of the 2023 Erarta Prize – the first ever contemporary art prize to be awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts. The total prize value of 3.2 million rubles will be divided between artists (2.5 million rubles) and viewers (700,000 rubles).

In the course of the first round that lasted through 9 April, the viewers visiting the Prize nominees’ exhibition shortlisted the participants of the second round – the 10 artists whose works secured the majority of votes over the span of two months. The first round was a secret ballot vote: the voters could act according to their own choices and preferences without considering the opinion of the majority.

The winning artists whose works were shortlisted for the second round of the 2023 Erarta Prize are:


Alexey Apish Galina Kazarinova
Rinat Akhmetov Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf
Maria Bogoraz Tamerlane Tles
Elena Grishayeva (Dj Le Nochka) Andrey Shatilov
Dmitry Kawarga DASHA ART


The viewer prize draw results were also announced at the event. Out of the entire pool of viewers who voted, created video campaigns, and came up with alternative titles for the nominated artworks, 21 prize winners were chosen. 100,000 rubles were distributed among the 10 participants of the Vote and Win challenge, 10 creators of the best video campaigns supporting their favourite artworks shared 250,000 rubles, while 50,000 rubles went to the winner of the Come Up with a Title and Win challenge. Everyone visiting the exhibition can take part in yet another prize draw: 300,000 more rubles will be distributed among those who compete in various prize challenges during the second voting round.

The second round is in progress right now. It will determine the exact amount of the prize money to be received by each of the winners: the 2.5 million rubles will be distributed among the top 10 artists in proportion to the number of votes received by their artworks. Every vote matters to the artist and is guaranteed to increase the amount of the prize money he or she receives. The second round is based on an open public vote: the number of votes given to each artwork is displayed on a special screen installed in the exhibition space and can be tracked in real time.

Erarta Museum invites everyone to take an active part in determining the winners of the 2023 Erarta Prize. The results of the second voting round and new viewer prize challenges will be announced in real time at the closing gala event to be held on 8 June.

Visit to learn more about the prize challenges for the viewers and the voting procedure.

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