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Financial Times: Erarta Museum Is One of the City’s Most Exciting Spaces

22 October 2019

Erarta is featured in the Financial Times as one of the must-visit places in St. Petersburg

The world’s leading daily business newspaper, the Financial Times, has run an extensive long read on visiting St. Petersburg in the winter. Its author, Stanley Stewart, claims to have witnessed a true cultural renaissance in the city where new creative venues are emerging alongside opulent historical palaces.

Unlike Moscow that, according to the journalist, ‘may still harbour pockets of oligarch chic’, St. Petersburg appears as a place that is safely past the period of similar ‘bad taste’, focusing instead ‘on its own traditions, on a new appreciation of Russian culture and art.’ 

Among the city’s new cultural hubs, the Financial Times spotlights the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art:

‘The Erarta Galleries of Contemporary Art have transformed a Stalin-era office block into one of the city’s most exciting spaces, full of vibrant underground art from the late Soviet period, and exciting new work by post-Soviet artists.’

We would like to thank the FT for this complimentary mention and welcome everyone to experience and celebrate contemporary art!