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Black Friday Deals at Erarta Shop Online Store

25 November 2021
From 25 through 28 November, enjoy 25% off on contemporary art prints

Erarta Shop online store is unveiling its Black Friday offer: for four days, shop online at and receive a discount on prints reproducing the works by contemporary Russian artists. During this period, they will be available at 25% off.

Seize this opportunity to find the perfect art gift for yourself and your loved ones!

  • This discount applies to Prints only.

  • The discount does not apply to the following categories: Limited Edition, Photo, Originals, Sculpture, Home Interior, Books by the Founder of Erarta

  • This offer cannot be combined with the Erarta Member discount.

  • The discount does not apply to shipping.

  • Rush fees are calculated using the final order total.

  • Detailed information about the offer, including its terms and conditions, period, and possible changes thereto can be found at

  • By taking advantage of the offer, you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.