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Attack against clichés

16 October 2014

Cult American animation artist Bill Plympton opened his solo exhibition in Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art and presented his new work — a fill-length animation film “Cheatin’”. 

Bill Plympton, independent animation artist from New York, came to Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art and talked with the public about process of creation of his new work: “For my film Cheatin’ I drew 40 thousand drawings myself. People often wonder why I didn’t ask assistants for help.  But I don’t want others to get all the fun. Drawings are the main joy in my life. I woke up at 6 in the morning and I drew till 10 in the evening. And I had a great pleasure. I do animation not because I want to become rich, but to have some good time.”

“Cheatin’” is a witty mix of genres where romantic comedy, melodrama, thriller and action intertwine. War of sexes is a life-and-death struggle. Author’s fantasy in rampant: transmigration of souls, crazy races in a car and in a train, fish’s hysterics, literally giant hearts and killing love.

Plympton works with clichés and stereotypes but turns all usual images and expectations inside out. And at the same time he is a romantic who cares for sincere feelings and traditional values.

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art gives you unique opportunity not only to watch Plympton’s animation, but to learn how it was created. The exhibition of the drawings that were made for the film is opened till 24th of November. It’s possible to look closely at every shot and notice some new details and author’s witty decisions.

Screening and exhibition are presented within international cinema festival “Message to Man” with Bill Plympton in jury. 

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text – Olga Safroshina, photos – Vitaly Kolikov