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The original drama

28 November 2013

The AUT.DRAMA director and actors consider the word to be the most important element of any performance.

AUT.DRAMA literally means “authentic, original drama”. The theatre’s main principle is to impact the viewer employing literary means and provoking a true response with almost no technical means. The play “Brothers” has very little decorations and a moderate pace; the whole performance consists mostly of conversations.

The performance is based on Mikhail Ugarov’s play “Pigeons”. Ugarov is a well-known personage, art-director of “Theatre.doc” Centre of Drama and Direction and one of the executives of the “New Drama” festival.

“Pigeons” is a historical and philosophical drama. The drama’s events take place in 1630 under the reign of Boris Godunov. The audience is introduced to three monks — Varlaam, Fyodor Bogdanov and Grigoriy Otrepiev. The latter would become False Dmitriy and play an important role in Russian history. It all starts from a feast, games, loud conversations which later turn into grave polemics about politics and power. “Brothers” is a story about fears, envy, faith and faithlessness, love and temptation.

“It is the eternal parable. It questions the methodology of power and qualities required from a ruling person. All tsars say they want to govern with good intentions, although it is known that the road to hell is paved with them. The idea of imposture is born in a monastic cell and it would eventually change the course of Russian history”, — says the play’s director Vladimir Sapunkov-Pavlodarskiy.

text by Olga Safroshina