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Change of generations in Lithuanian cinema

05 December 2013

The “Two Generations” project is an unique opportunity to see works by Lithuanian cinematographers who belong to very different epochs: the first ones belonging to the time right after the collapse of USSR and another ones — 10 years later.

The Erarta’s cinema hall became one of the hosting sites in Saint-Petersburg for the festival “Days of Lithuanian Cinema”. In particular, there was a screening of documentary films representing the “Two Generations” programme.

According to the festival’s organisers, all films are different and each director has his/her unique point of view. However, the critics notice a few similarities. After Lithuania had become an independent country, the films were made accentuating the existential, philosophical and poetic matters. In 10 years a new generation of directors appeared. They produced works which dealt with the immediate issues of today. This is the generation of computers and a new fast-paced life.

“Nowadays art seeks to expand its borders. One cannot really say that some sort of special Lithuanian cinema exists. Each director is a person and his or her nationality recedes into the background, — says the festival’s special guest Ieva Norviliene. — Certain authors are still influenced by social and poetic narrative which used to characterise Lithuanian cinema in previous years; others search for their own way and develop a unique style. Our festival offers a rare chance to have a look at past and present of Lithuanian cinema”.

text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov