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The moments stopped by Elliott Erwitt

09 December 2013

Welcome to the “Great Scottish Adventure”!

Elliott Erwitt is a living legend and, according to Professional Photographer magazine, is the most influential photographer in the world. He is most known for his black and white pictures touched by subtle irony.

Elliott is a master of photo-reportage. He manages to see something special in casual and mundane scenes in the street, at a railway station or by the waterfront. According to Erwitt, the art of photography is the art of observations and consequently it is important how we see it and not what we see.

The famous Scottish brand The Macallan commissioned Erwitt to make a series of pictures capturing the traditions, local colour and daily life of Scotland. He took photos of people and animals, mountains and islands, the famous Scottish pipers and partridge hunt.

Erwitt proves that a photographer is a sniper. One click of a shutter and an ephemeral moment is captured. One picture can tell many stories. Here is a snapshot of a platform: one life is static and another one is passing by at full speed. Many photographers all over the world look up to his exceptional professionalism.

Another project by The Macallan is related to Russia. In Erarta you can have a look at photographs by Vladimir Vyatkin. He makes portraits of the famous Russian artists, such as Oleg Tabakov and Evgeniy Mironov, seeking the essence of the famous Russian character.

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text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Evgeniy Belikov