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Asymmetrical Rock

20 December 2013

The St. Petersburg band “Ayin” performed an asymmetrical rock concert at Erarta.

If you ask the members of the band when exactly their band was formed, they do not answer this question. Just one day a few friends, who were engaged in various musical projects, decided to do something new together. The name “Ayin” is also mysterious. “This is an Aramaic word that means nothing, — the musicians said. — It's the emptiness, but it is primary and contains everything. Nothingness is more important than anything that exists in the world. This word explains everything for us without words. Our music can be called asymmetrical rock; we are interested in irregular meters. We like internal rhythm in music most of all”.

There was an opening act before the main performance. The trio (Radik — the vocals, Roman — the guitar and Denis — the bass guitar) sang a few songs. Then the Ayin’s concert began. The entry was followed by a spring song “I need air”. It made a good mood and the audience got willing to dance. The musicians made a joke of that case: “We are in the museum now, so anyone can feel like moving pictures with a music background...”

“Ayin” constantly experiment with a variety of genres and styles from Lounge to Grunge. However, their music has more in common with Russian rock. There you can hear a dense electric guitar sound and lyrics about the meaning of life and embracing love.

Oleg Vorobyevsky, a vocalist and songwriter, believes that love is global: “This is a special state when the heart is open. And this feeling spreads not only to a particular person but all around. And music is one of the best ways to open the heart”.

text by Olga Safroshina