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Global symmetry by Alexander Lufer

25 December 2013

Alexander Lufer, a Petersburg artist, believes that digital art is a new era art that has no limits or forms. He proves his statement at his personal exhibition “Before and After” at Erarta.

Alexander Lufer paints landscapes and objects. Computer technologies allow him to make a digital sketch of the image, for example, a crystal of an unusual color or shape or a simple vase. It cuts an object virtually in half so one half reflects on itself. Then the artist uses a digital sketch to oil paint it on canvas. As a result, we can see either two halves of one object, or two unique images.

The artist named this genre “Photorealism”. He does not just print digital photos onto canvas. In his words, oil gives the necessary consistence that materializes the image. From a conceptual point of view, Alexander Lufer is interested in symmetry. “It distinguishes the living things from the nonliving ones. All living things are symmetrical, — the artist says. — But both asymmetry and perfect geometric symmetry are perceived uncomfortable. So I draw a diptych because it is an opportunity to collect the whole image of two parts. I have never heard that anyone has ever done something similar. It is a very interesting experience”.

Alexander Lufer believes that it is necessary to use new technologies in art. Artists should not be afraid of changing things. By using technologies in art, you do not destroy the basic principles. The artist encourages the use of the enormous opportunities offered by the progress.

The exhibition runs until February 17.

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text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov