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The moments of beauty by Zhenya Lubich

13 January 2014

Zhenya Lubich opened the 2014 concert season at Erarta. Zhenya’s performance in the grand hall of the museum was like a real winter fairytale.

Zhenya Lubich’s music has no limits. She is known to be a member of the French cover band “Nouvelle Vague”. But in Russia, she is making a solo project, in which she is writing the lyrics and music by herself.

As for Erarta, Zhenya and her band played a special concert there. The scene was designed in a winter style by the art-group “Purga”. The designers colored the scene in white and silver tones. To create a special mood they used stylish video installations, for example, an open window. If you took a look out of that window, you could see it snowing or clouds floating there.

Zhenya called her concert “The White Concert” and told a romantic story of the bouquet of white chrysanthemums, which she received once in January. That case inspired her to write a beautiful song about winter, Christmas and love. She called it “Chrysanthemums”. The song was performed at the beginning of the concert. She sang one more thematic song “Winter”, a cover version of the song by Boris Grebenshjikov. According to Zhenya, she met the musician last summer and obtained permission from him to sing that song.

As for the Zhenya’s look, she put a light soft dress on her to be in character of the evening. But to perform the rollicking song named “I am just a simple Russian girl” Zhenya took off her shoes and put white felt boots and a fur hat on her.

Zhenya Lubich can be different. She can be a sophisticated Frenchwoman as well as a cool rock-lady with a guitar. That evening the guest could hear acoustics, electricity and electronics at Erarta. Moreover there were many tender romantic and dynamic dance songs.

The concert happened on Christmas Eve. According to Zhenya, that light evening continued the holidays so she wanted to focus on the pure, sincere and warm moments of beauty and magic of this world...

text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Yuri Dormidoshin