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The artists of sound

20 January 2014

In the beginning of the year a jazz band “Volkov Trio” performed a concert at Erarta.

Each member of the band is in great demand and plays music in different bands and projects. Once they met at the concert of "Pop-Mechanics" by Sergei Kuryokhin. And nowadays they are still working with many bands such as "Skazki Lesa" and "Auction" as well as they compose for theatre and cinema. But when Vladimir Volkov (double bass), Denis Sladkevich (drums) and Vyacheslav Kurashov (guitars) gather and perform a concert together, you get a chance to listen to the very special music.

Some people believe that this music belongs to avant-garde and neo-jazz. But it outclasses any musical style. Jazz is mixed with dynamic rock and tunes of folk music. And improvisations make their any performance brilliant. The music of "Volkov Trio" sounds different. Sometimes you can hear the rhythm high-speed European rails or sweet fairy tales from the Middle East and Asia, or even Japanese music of minimalism. But it was interesting to visit the concert not only because of the music. It gave a lot of exciting visual images. The musicians played musical instruments professionally and with passion and so fast that you could barely see their fingers.

Vyacheslav Kurashov played guitar like a real rocker, on the one hand. On the other hand, sometimes it seemed that he played balalaika. Vladimir Volkov didn't just play double bass; he almost danced with it. The musician said that he had several instruments. But his favorite one was in "hospital", in the workshop to be repaired. But the double bass, which sounded at Erarta, had its own history. Vladimir said that however, it was more than 60 years old, that "old man" honorably outlived after everything that the musician had done with it. As for the concert, sometimes he used a fiddlestick like in classical orchestras but more often he used his fingers and touched the strings like in big bands, or even suddenly he turned the double bass into the drums...

It was not just a concert, but a bright musical performance created by the real masters and the artists of sound. In the Great Hall at Erarta the band "Volkov Trio" looked like a real object of contemporary art.

text by Olga Safroshina; photo by Yuri Dormidoshin