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The musical universe of Patrick Carpenter

11 February 2014

A British electronic music maker Patrick Carpenter created his own musical universe during the concert in Erarta.

There are a lot of bright pages in his artistic biography, including his work with "The Cinematic Orchestra", who mix electronic, jazz, live instruments and turntables. He is also known as a resident of a popular weekly show called "Solid Steel", where musicians play 2-hour long improvisations, creating unique compositions and moving from one track to another in a mode of complex mix.

It's a real luck to hear Patrick live in Russia. And what is quite unusual, the audience did not have to wait a minute. Sound check smoothly turned into a gig. Right after Patrick Carpenter tuned his turntables and checked the audio and video, the audience fell into his audiovisual world.

There is nothing new about using atmospheric videos for the concert of electronic music. But this time the volume of the pictures was rather impressive. The images were projected to the large white wall behind the DJ and to the space in front of his turntables. Thus the room was surrounded both with the sound and video. Plus there were some up-to-the-minute pictures as the Olympic rings in between the abstract chaotic waves of numbers and symbols.

But the main thing about it was, of course, music. Patrick was creating a whole universe of music, where the samples, the words and even the laughter have a completely new sound. Using vinyl turntable as the main instrument, he creates unique and creative sound effects, which are totally worth to be heard!

text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov